Greenlaw starts portable skate-park program

Mark Jannetta who runs the skate program at Greenlaw community center for MAM won a grant from Give365, to build ramps and purchase a trailer. He'll take the Greenlaw skaters ( a.k.a. Groms and Grommets) to other community centers where they will help teach other kids how to skate.

Ramps for N. Memphis youth at Greenlaw Community Center

Project description: In partnership with GoldenChild Ministries we've been teaching youth skateboarding at Greenlaw community center since 2006. Consequently, we have wanted to be able to provide the youth at the center their own skate ramps. There are NO skateparks in Memphis so we must drive 15-20 miles to the closest skate park outside the city limits. This limits the number of kids we can teach. We applied for and won a $2500 Nike grant which will allow us to build the ramps at the Community center. Below is the project timeline.

1. September 2009- Applied for Nike Back your block grant
2. October 2009- Nike announces Skatelife is a Back your block winner. A big thanks to the Memphis community for stepping up and voting for us to win!
3. November 2009- Skatelife is awarded the grant money
4. January 2010- Construction of the Halfpipe begins. Amie Vanderford is kind enough to shoot many pictures of the kids and volunteers helping out.
5. February 2010- Final half-pipe completion awaits city approval.