Memphis Public skate park

Project Description:In collaboration with the Memphis Parks and recreation department we are trying to establish a small to midsized in-ground concrete skate park in Midtown.

1. November 2006- Skatelife Memphis met with Parks and Rec for the first time.
2. March 2008- We presented the first skate park survey to Parks and Rec- Midtown/Downtown was the favored skate location according to our recent skate park survey that was completed in March. Survey also determined that concrete was the overwhelmingly favored skate surface. 99 skaters surveyed.
3. April 24th 2008- skate demo hosted by Parks and Recreation demonstrated the HUGE demand for a skate park. 450 skaters attended
4. May 2008 City council budget committee approves the $440K requested by Parks for a skate park
Survey has been sent to skaters to determine best location-this is currently in progress.
5. July 2008 Budget isapproved by the general City Council!
6. Tobey looks like the most promising location....This has not been finalized yet. We will update accordingly.
7. July 2009- The CIP money is re-approved for the skate park so we now all wait expectantly for Parks and Rec or the Dept of Engineering to give us a ground-breaking date.
8. August 2009- Glenview park just South of Central Gardens, is the PROPOSED site for the skate park according to Parks and Recreation staff. This location awaits official approval from City Council.
9. January 2010- Councilwoman Wanda Halbert indicates that Glenview is not the appropriate location for the skate park. A new skate park location must be determined. Rodney Baber in Frayser is being considered as a potential location. Great spot considering it has stadium lighting! We'll update in March.
10. August 2010- Mayor Wharton announces Tobey park will be the official location for the skate park. Councilman Jim Strickland is pleased to have the skate park in his district. The park will be open September 2011.
11. September 2010- Public meeting held for design presentation and opportunity for public input. Mayor Wharton kicks the meeting off and a presentation of design possiblities is given by Zach Wormhoudt of Wormhoudt Inc.
12. October 2010- Preliminary skate park design is submitted to the City by Wormoudt inc. To view the design go here .
13. January 11th, 2011- The City of Memphis posts the project on the City homepage announcing that the project will be available for construction bids in January. Click here to see the document asking for bids.
14. February 4th 2011- Bids have been opened and the lowest bidder is awarded the construction contract. Groundbreaking is next! As soon as the city announces that date we'll post it here.
15. CONSTRUCTION BEGINS!!!! It was announced today on Mayor Wharton's blog that construction for Tobey skate park will begin this May!!
Update: It's June 1st and we still have no groundbreaking date eventhough construction was supposed to start last month. Hopefully the City announces a ground breaking date soon.
16. Groundbreaking was on June 16th! Yay! If you missed it check out our press page for some of the coverage or check out the video of the groundbreaking speeches.
17. We're tracking the construction of the skate park week by week in the Gallery section of the website. Check it out! I heard a range of completion dates with the park being completed as early as late September and as late as early December. Either way the park will be ready soon!