Mud Island Skate Park -Timeline of Progress

1. March 2007 -We met the Riverfront development corporation (RDC) and the Hyde foundation. We are trying to establish a world class skate concrete park on the south end of the River park. This skate park would be around 80,000 sqft making it the largest skate park in the U.S.
2. October 2007- Mud Island Feasibility Study is completed. Feasibility grant awarded from Hyde Family Foundations
3. January 2008- Project slows to a halt with no funding source.
4. February 2009 - Public process is initiated for input for the new Mud Island master plan.
5. March 2009-Phase I of Mud Island River Park Land Use Study is completed. Supporters of a skate park on Mud Island make a strong showing at these meetings. One more step of many towards progress.
6. May 2009-Phase II meetings are completed. Go to the a Riverfront Development site for final Phase II report which was posted in August.
7. Phase III meetings were held in September and Early October of 2009. Go to the a Riverfront Development site for viewing the final Phase III report. It's posted and ready for viewing!